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The Art of Art song

Are you new to art song and are interested in learning more about it?

Are you someone who enjoys listening to art song but have always been curious to learn more about how it is put together?

Do you have questions about how the piano interacts with the vocal line in art song?


Perhaps you're a seasoned listener of art song and have questions such as,


"What's the difference between Schubert and Schumann?"  


"Why do I feel a certain way after listening to this piece of music?"


"How does the musical depiction of texts differ between French composers and German composers?"

If these questions are of interest to you, maybe you should take our online course, The Art of Art Song. Intended to span six weeks on a selected topic of art song, the goal is to provide a guided tour of the compositional art of the art song repertoire as well as insight from the performers' perspectives. Course details are still in development.

If you are interested, please email us at to let us know, and we can contact you with further details.  


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